A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made for fun by hamdle
Developed for Godot Wild Jam #8

About this project

  • This is my first game jam!
  • Godot version: build from master branch
  • Github repo: github.com/hamdle/evar
  • Developed in Linux
  • Code reused from previous unfinished project


A, DMove
SPACE BARThrow astronaut
CLICK-DRAG AND RELEASESuper jump launcher

How to play

  1. Jump on spacecrafts to kill them
  2. Kill all the spacecraft
  3. Go pick up the astronaut
  4. Throw astronaut in to black hole

Warning: Avoid hitting black hole with spacecraft
Warning: Level ends when shot clock hits 0

Hint: Find the black hole before picking up the astronaut
Hint: Beat the levels faster, total time from start, to get more stars

Attribution and recognition

  1. Black hole photo taken by Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration
  2. Astronaut model created by kwnet_at
  3. Colors taken from Mars poster by NASA JPL
  4. Spacecraft design inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey
  5. SFX created with jfxr


extravehicular_astronaut_removal_win.zip 19 MB
extravehicular_astronaut_removal_linux.zip 20 MB
extravehicular_astronaut_removal_mac.zip 21 MB

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